1 stab wound knife = 1 year: 5 stab wounds knife = 5 years

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Yesterday I took one case in the newspaper. The son stabbed his father 5 times in the chest. The injured survived. The offender was first charged with attempting to murder Section 145 of the Criminal Code no. 300/2005 Z.z. The final verdict, however, surprised him. He will sit for 5 years for harm to health. Obviously, Section 155 of the Criminal Code, which deals with serious bodily harm, was used. I graduated from the middle school in Banská Bystrica and therefore I know that 5 point wounds in the chest have a longer treatment than 42 days. That is why the cover was a serious damage to health. Can the attempted murder prove? The attempted murder can hardly be proven. If, for example, I was stabbed and asked to the police: "Did you intend to kill this person?" Logically, I answer "I did not intend to kill this person, it was an accident". And I will immediately dismiss the lawsuit against the water. The attempted murder is really difficult to prove. If the murder is not complete, it is a pity to investigate the investigator with a hypothesis whether it was a murder attempt or not. Policemen and investigators are deprived of power and do not keep track of facts. What about having a 5-point wound on this man. The important thing is that he lives. Therefore, it can only be assessed as a serious injury to health because it has been attacked by vital organs. And we are wondering why such criminal cases last long. Policemen or investigators themselves do not know what paragraph to use. They are not held in some cases of facts but emotions. So far I have not found a news report, but yesterday it was in your criminals or newspapers that you did. When I find the link, I throw it in the comment. And other interesting links that relate to murders.


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