5 days of a non-smoker's daybook

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Monday It's here. I'm going to smoke. I enjoy my joy and I'm proud of myself. The decision to stop smoking is ninety percent of success. I was a strong smoker, very strong. Now I'm a strong smoker. It is simple. I feel that I can stand it. In the morning I woke up with full expectation and hope. Right now I wrote my feelings in my diary (I founded a non-smoking newspaper). In the morning, he is immediately cheerful. I hear the birds singing outside the window. I see the sunshine that flooded my whole apartment and I was so positive that I sent some money to charity. Now I can afford charity because I save on cigarettes. With a smile on my lips, I put on my clothes and went to work. In the corridor I came across Mrs. Novotna. Mrs. Novotna is about a century old neighbor who complains every morning that she could not sleep because I had the television switched on very loud. I honestly, Mrs. Novotna stroked my hair and gave it a handful. From heart I apologized and gave her 5 euros, to buy something for it. At work, I told everyone that I was now a strong smoker and I read everyone who still smokes. I admit that I had a cigarette after lunch, so I went to buy a nicotine patch and nicotine chewing gum. Still, I am still full of enthusiasm and optimism. I had an unusual hunger in the evening, so I ate the whole head of the cabbage, stuck a nicotine patch and went to sleep. Tuesday morning I woke up slightly moody. I dreamed I smoked. I have to dismiss these ideas immediately. I better stick another nicotine patch. Moreover, I could not sleep for a long time, and I was sweating. Today is not much in the morning. I wrote to the non-smoker's newspaper that she was starting to go tough. The birds are still singing outside the window. Well, today's not good. It totally distracts me. Even the sun that lights me in the apartment is shining on my taste. I dressed and went to work. Of course, on the corridor, Mrs. Nováková once again says that I had a very loud TV. In speed I said, "sorry" and I'm flying to work. All of them for some reason have been distraught at work. I can not explain it. Besides, I still had a taste for a cigarette. I tried the nicotine chewing gum. Horror. It is a disgust and I turn around after my head and I still have a taste for a cigarette. I took the other one, I immediately crumbled. Great. At home I was hungry again like a pig. I did not have cabbage, so I ate three pizzas I had in the freezer and I almost went to bed. Wednesday I did not sleep at all. All night I sweat and I think I have hallucinations because I do not believe I had a dinosaur in my hat. I did not write to the non-smoker's newspaper, because my hand is shaking and I can not write. Those stupid birds out there do not shut up that funnel, and the sun that lights me in the apartment is starting to get me right. I'd like to have a cigarette, but instead I have a nasty hot tea and another nicotine patch. In my opinion, those shit patches are. Before Mrs. Novák, who wanted to fold me again that I had a very loud TV, I fled without words. At work I gave my colleague a faculty. I do not know why. I was just dialing just how he looks. Then, of course, I apologized to him. After work, I was chewing all the nicotine chewing gums at home and I was out of it for a few hours. I wondered until evening. I was terribly hungry. I ate a whole loaf of bread. I did not get the taste of a cigarette, so I went to sleep. Thursday I did not sleep all night. Perfect. I was sweating or I was in the bathroom because I had a brutal diarrhea. Sometimes over the morning came the toilet paper, so I had to use some of my non-smoking diary. At breakfast I ate some nicotine patches. Then I took the air gun, and for half a hour I shot the dirty birds with only one target. Destroy them. Destroy them all. Yes, and because of that, the sun that burned me to the apartment, I crawled the windows with the boards. I got stuck and dressed and went to work. She was in the hall again. The old weathered toad, Mrs. Nováková, who complained again about the noise. I betrayed him that he was a cow, and that he would soon die and I was angry to go to work. At work, I spent half a day in the toilet where I was crying for a while and trying to fumble the toilet paper holder for a while. Even before I left my job, I broke into my colleague. Just because I wanted to. They're gonna throw me off. After work, I stopped for twenty boxes of nicotine patches for the evening. At home I relaxed for a while, banged my head against the wall, and then I popped the old ashtray I had on the balcony. I made sure that no one was looking and I tasted the vagel I tasted in the tile between the tiles on the balcony. I did not feel any shame. Vice versa. It was great. The ashtray and the broken vaggel was the peak of the day. Since then, it has been just downhill. Hunger like a pig I could not do anything at all, so I almost went to sleep to get rid of the misery. Friday I do not know if I'm alive or I'm dead. I only slept for a few hours. I'm swept all over, I'm sick and my head is spinning. I once again shot the birds out of the balcony, and I sometimes shot people, because I was simply irritating how they walk, how they look what they have. I smoked the non-smoking newspaper. It was nasty, but it was necessary. I cowed the cow of Mrs. Novák in the corridor and set off to work. At work, my supervisor invited me to the carpet, for yesterday's physical assault on my coworker. That's why I broke the head of the head and then told him what I think of him. Then I left my supervisor and went to the shop. I bought ten cartons of cigarettes and went home. Once I burned my first cigarette at home, the world was better now. Birds were singing outside the window, and when I pulled the boards out of the windows, the sun again poured my whole apartment and I was immediately filled with positive energy.


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