Announcement: I'm breaking the English version of my blog!

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Have you noticed English texts? It is correct. I want to let me know all over the world. Let the whole European Union know how they live in Slovakia, because they know English in the European Union. And so I will be familiar with my articles not only in Slovakia but also around the world. A little bit of the topic and look at the electroshock. They are forbidden in many countries. What will the European Union do when it reads from my articles that they are being carried out in Slovakia, even if their number is rising? That the electric shock is abused to destroy the true person, that they are used to change opinion, political or other conviction. And if they are needed, they may indeed only be exceptional. English doctors will learn that I have something to drink at nights. When I can not beat Slovak doctors, let me miss English, Americans and so on. It is thanks to this activity that an English expert can hear me.


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