Does the operator return my credit or not?

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I once heard about one dildo, who got a gradual 700 Euro credit. He then complained that the operator did not want to return it. They only gave him 66 Euro, it was Orange. How is the refund / refund not refunded? The operator is required to pay the accumulated credit in cash, but only to an amount he / she determines. This means you can charge up to 66 Euros. For O2 only 30 Euros. This means that if the cardholder had a really charged 700 Euro, which I do not really want to believe, Orange pays only 66 Euros. It is a mistake for the consumer not to become acquainted with the terms of the contract. I have never been able to accumulate a credit of up to 700 Euros. The most I've accumulated up to 14 Euros and within three months I've almost even called him up. In short, I did not think about it. And now I'm even better on it because I'm not in Orange :). Link:


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