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If the two do not, they have to count on some costs. When I talked to my mother, I lost 65% of my personal savings. I had 4,000 Euros and paid over 2700 Euros. 1550 Euro went to mother to get out and get new furniture. 1180 Euro rounded 1200 Euro went to the security door, because Dianiskova had entered the apartment and made me with strange things. She still lived and claimed to be electro-shocked. Apparently, she has discovered a revolutionary novel that can be used to make homework at home. As far as I'm informed, they mostly do in hospitals. I had something to live with before they approved my credit so I could live alone. Summarized sum, I have to re-collect myself to become a financial power once again to be able to provide loans known as before. There was not a lot, I mostly gave myself loans :). Because it's my personal reserve. Only Dianiskova is responsible for all this damage. I also managed to get to the butterfly of her actions. The neighbors at my entrance hate Brother Paľa very much. OK. Let him deal with him when he sometimes goes to Slovakia. But why should I always be the victim of me? Why did the Dianisks try to evict me and not his? Why did these goblins glory neighbors not come to me and mother to help when they were in trouble? But now they are bent into me. To protect the rights and interests of citizens. After the break, the idea came to me that I would sue my mother to give me maintenance. After analyzing the case, it was found that such an action was unfounded. Because of my income. And if some kind of court went off, it would not do it. Then I thought I did not want one cent from her. The gait also brings some formalities. Some proprietary rights must be mentioned. To some movable things. In my case, we made the agreement in written form. I myself have drafted it according to the applicable laws and other requirements. But the extra great damage did not cause me the gauge. It is self-evident that my mother will recover much longer than me. It will quickly supplement my funds as I do. She is employed and I am a retired invalid. Do not be afraid of the future! When I walked away, I totally rejoiced at what I would eat and drink. And then, what do I wear the serii duplicated. While serving it, I have no reason to buy new clothes. Where to spend on stupidity? When needed, I buy. Also, I'm not me to keep going like a ribbon. In short, I introduced my policy, my economy, which works perfectly and starts to work. Some of my neighbors threatened to drive me and to take away psychiatric violence. You do it! My high quality door will not be made by you or your purchase of the police mafia. That you can not forgive my blogging activity is your problem. Get busy with your wives and your world will be better again :). Real police have no legitimate reason and no evidence of my personal freedom. In addition, only the court decides on these matters, unless someone has done so. I do not know what Paľa did when he was in Slovakia and outside my home. My mother was letting him go, despite my disapproval. He would not have interrupted me if he had not disturbed my night room, not brooding around. When he ate French potatoes, they were all around him, not just in him. Let it be in another place, not in me. As I broke up with my mother, I will never again. He will go to the mother to annoy and he will come to Slovakia. I'm holding his thumbs, let's get a good sense. Because of this, I have problems with my poorly educated neighbors. We each have some flies, but trying to move me out for a stranger, that's really a force. I did not do anything to anyone, so why should I be the victim of me?


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