Great life of mafia or company deception?

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Yesterday, at 20 o'clock, I watched an interesting story as surely David admitted that he was a mafia and concluded an agreement with the prosecutor on vinea punishment. It is not so much about sitting, but rather about the fact that those who subsidize them. As far as I know, prisoners do not make money for the recovery of the lawsuit, top lawyers. I envy a little like this people, because if anything happens to me, nobody will be a top-ranked lawyer. But mobsters, they can find super lawyers. They have everything around them super. I think I should become some mafia :). But such people are the world to live. I have seen a lot of film about the mafia and especially the baptized father. Certainly, the film is not just a random phenomenon, it has to be reflected by certain facts. And in those films I noticed one interesting thing. The Mafia is too public in the public. He will not allow himself to make a mess or a riot, to bars, so that he does not make too much notice. That's what he has to do, who do it graciously for him. Mafia is a brain. It's someone who orders and who they all fight for. But if this theory is true, why is the Mafia really fighting? Just because he seems to have idiots around him, for example: "Go and work with the blind blogger forever with the surface of the earth :) If the mafia only orders, then it is actually a total shit. The man who looks like a little boy has around him a hoof of kokotkov without the will and the courage, or the one who acts? In my opinion, the mafias are just the ones who act, but if the mafia masters of any gang caught on to common sense, they would recharge or They would be afraid of the boss, they would find out who they were doing in the real world, they were afraid of someone who only managed to order and give orders, for example: "kill!" "Burn a car!" Etc. According to my opinion, the real mafia is only the , Who can do it, not having around them a hoot of holes without a wish, who can betray and jump, it is best to dig themselves for themselves, as is the people's say, and in person, for example, to cause fear in the neighborhood I'm afraid to be even a big mafia. I'm still fighting at Mazornik and especially baby. Still, none of us have not yet. After all, I'm not a mafia and I do not have mafias in my family. But the baby fights me like the biggest mafia. Mafia is still only human. He is powerless in certain situations. But I would like to meet the real Mafia in a full line. That's because I'm courageous. Nothing could do to me because some blind man is not worth it. I know exactly like a meeting with a real mafia. It would be a man like me, maybe he would not have the strength or the muscles. When I was a baby, I could be 11 years old, I was a mafia as a big muscular man. In the meantime, through newspapers and the media, I have found that the mafios are just a common assassin. He would have knocked on seeing a real dead man if he had caught her in the hand. Just because others do not want to fight for the mafia. If they agreed in a mafia band and jumped on the boss of the boss and leader, they would have understood that he was just a shit. Whoever orders but shit can. So, in my opinion, it is true of real Mafia. Mafia can not be the one who orders, mafia is the one who acts and can act. Do you know how many experiences I had with the dead? enough. Nobody is human, but I like to breed birds. During my life several of them died. And yet, I caught him, wrapped up, he was sent to an autopsy. It was not pleasant from the site that I had survived adventures from birds, but nothing prevented me from acting. Not even the death of a bird. I will not hurt anymore :). I'm a little fascinated by the vulnerability of such a dead bird. He's supposed to help someone get away with him. I do, of course, when something goes wrong because the dead birds do not have what to do in the apartment. But this is heroism. Have contact with the corpse. And the major Mafias have no idea of ​​that.


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