How long does it take for bread to thaw?

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Especially in summer it is advisable to put the bread in the freezer. A reason? The bread can only be stored in the line to catch the foliage. However, it can last longer in the freezer. Some say a week other views I have met that she can keep in the freezer for two weeks. I'm going to leap earlier to one week. Even so, I'll confuse him soon :). According to my own research, I found that defrosting bread lasts from 25 to 30 minutes. I choose only the lace, I do not freeze the whole bread. Even if the bread is frozen, the laces can be separated from each other. I pull out just as much as I need, put on my favorite tray, and put the rest of the bread back in the freezer. I can climb an hour's pole :).


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