How to get someone to psychiatry?

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It's an interesting topic. Reasons why someone wants to get their close to psychiatry can be different: Culture, religious rituals, lifestyle, and so on. Psychiatry can make people very easy. Just abuse his culture, his writings, the financial operations he has done, or the possible use of addictive substances. And there is anyone on psychiatry anymore. Examples: - I want a laugh from Miss. I have a longer post on facebook, and someone can say, "It's a dangerous man, a direct gait, a madman with him!" But when everybody looks at it, she just laughs. What is Tomáš dangerous about? The fact that he lists some of his ladies to peek at him? What's already dangerous for the surrounding company? My mother started to have a great deal of fear when I bought the inflatable anchor. She has since begun to resent my sexual or mental illness. I'll explain it to the public: I'm blind, I do not have a chance to sleep with a real woman, I do not have the money to go to fuck. So I wanted to try at least with an artificial woman. I do not blame myself for the public. And he can think of me what he wants, I recommend it to everyone who wants to try at least what kind of sex. I also have the right to make a little shit, and it would certainly be understood by every psychiater or sexologist. Another problem: I started to go kade-tade, to wander, even to myself. We do not have it. Somewhere she learned about the electroshock method. And he probably wants to get me. By electro-shock, the person is erased, a man forgets the past. In my case: I forgot my friends, my friends, my internet banking, my apartment, my pension, my money, my rights and my laws and my ways. Swimsuits, shops, and more. Mama apparently wants me to keep under lock in a state of debility. But it will not succeed because I asked Mr. Zelman over the internet what to do with a man of electric shock. He told me that if he did electroshock, he would not go completely, so his memory could return. Mother is not able to restrict me to self-rule! Another way to get someone into psychiatry is to file a proposal to limit legal capacity. In such a case, the court will call an expert who, in my opinion, will only jerk. There is a sentence in the law that the court can look at the person. For example, Mama sends a motion to the court to restrict my authority. A doctor comes in, looks at me, sees it as a yawn and says, "That's an idiot, we'll get rid of the lawfulness of it." This means that the court of the person looks up. The law also allows the person concerned not to know that he will have limited legal capacity. If it is assumed that he is committing suicide, the court or expert does not think of such a person (he or she does not) and, in addition, will not receive a court decision. See Law no. 161/2015 civil out-of-court order A man who has limited capability can then handle a law or good morals. They can train him after psychiatry and institutes. An interesting situation occurs when the injured person starts to defend himself. But they have to do before they lock him up in a fool (psychiatry). Influence of alcohol If a person is aggressive under the influence of alcohol, he or she damages the property, it may be hospitalized for psychiatry. But it can be misused. Those glasses or plates can break someone else and say it to me, for example. I will have the feeling that I like the beer that I have an angle. And that's why I can end up on psychiatry. Not because I really broke the plates or furniture. That's why I'm under the influence of alcohol. This is how psychiatry abuses the violent configuration of genius like me. Or violently confuse people with powerful drugs or electro-shock that dare to publicly present their views. Perhaps this violent configuration is also waiting for me. But neither psychiater or psychiatrist does not remember: "Well, it's a little tricky because writing on a blog can not hurt anybody." And if so, he's fully responsible for what he writes. I will conclude my article only by saying that psychiatry should help people, not murder them mentally! Psychiatrists and psychiatrists should also respect some of the patients' opinions. It is simply modern, everybody has their own culture and style. If someone is really mentally ill, psychiatry can get it and healing can only be achieved if he cooperates. If violence is used, nobody will ever be killed :) Electro shock is not a cure, electroshocks are a mental murder of people! These are very serious murders that no one investigates, over which everybody looks at their eyes! Neither the police, nor the criminals, all psychiatrists try to conceal the serious psychological state of the sick. However, he does not realize with the public that if any person is subjected to illegal electroshock, no one will ever discover whether the electroshock has been done to a healthy person or a sick person. No institution controls the delivery of electroshocks, and this murderous trend is spreading to psychiatry. Rather than draining these drastic killing methods, they are expanding. But what I am about, I will not allow anyone who has committed a mental assault on me! It's different when I agree with a physician or doctor and I really want to be interested. ECT or sleep therapy = electroshocks.


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