How to slaps it? Money is missing!

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Girls would be interested in my offer. The problem is that I can not reach. I chidievam kade-tade and I see that they are discussing my offer, some have fun and fun too. But they have no courage to come to me and act real with me. I would ask them what they are having trouble with. In companies I would know how to figure out the way. Would it be possible to replace it with the phrase: Can I help you on the toilet "or are you looking for an outlet with our business?". In the corridor where the Toilets or some premises in front of the business are without witnesses. There she can fake me and can make a real deal. Though I would not hinder anyone even if there was a coincidence. But who is who in my stocks and trades? Even though I was walking on Levoča, I did not even happen to ask about my passing: I read on the Internet, you offer 1 Euro for every slap. How does it actually work? In short, I know that when they are discussing it, they would even go there, but they sometimes need the money. Especially when they miss a ticket. You can read the article entitled: You could make money: instead of beating! Http:// I enjoyed a nice experience in Poprad yesterday. There was a puppet kick, but none of them ever asked me. I was on the bus from 15:50 to 16:45 on Sunday 21.5.2017. They had a chance to meet such a celebrity as I am. But what is typical for the Slovaks did not use it. We help each other! Do not look for violence and any other stupidity. I do not consider the faculty to be violence! By accident, I've read somewhere that facking helps to make a beautiful face. Maybe it has something to do with myself :). She will help me and I will help him. She is so motivated to be bothered because she only gets and does not lose. I'll end it by saying that if you can buy a lot of things, why can not I buy a slap or a couple of faces? Where is it forbidden? As far as I know, a paragraph does not prohibit such transactions or even comment on them. Beating someone could be included in services rather than in the provision of goods. It will be fun when it really starts and I get a letter from Fica: Dear Mr. Schwarzbacher, from day X this activity is taxed because the state is lacking in money :). I firmly believe that this action will start and help many babies in need. These offerings do not have to worry, either use it or at least inform it. However, you will not give anything to the question. You all know well that I'm famous and famous everywhere I move. So, the excuses of type: I did not know about the offer, it practically does not stand. I remember those two drunks who wanted to travel by bus, but they did not have a ticket. One was missing only the Euro and the other two Euros. Could not come after me? They could travel freely, instead they had to stumble somewhere, and they did so well. For the fools and sentiments they have lived. Being a girls and reading this offer, I would use it. I believe that in time there will be a situation where some of the people in question will not have a different starting point and will use my offer, which makes me very happy. I'm waiting for your reactions! And beware of reason, if any, at all. For it is a normal offer, even though I run it as the first one.


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