How would you react if you found yourself on YouTube?

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Youtube, a video server that everyone can end up with. All the fun is that it usually involves a variety of traps or laughter. There are rarely videos that have something in it. There are also video presentations, but there are more crap (laughs). So much for youtube with my party, now consider a nice reader. You sit by the computer, you blink on youtube and suddenly you will find something that will interest you. You click on the link and, with horror or horror, you will find that it is you. The situation when a person ends up on youtube can be a kick. How do you react? Are you messing up? Are you angry? Will you seek the author? Do you comment on videos about you? Are you going to take legal action? Personally, if I found on youtube, I would only commented on the matter. It should be something extra extraordinary, but I would not give it to the court for one single reason. For a few days, everybody gets fucked up. And I too. I would not go with my apartment or with Mazorník, even if they would post me a video, for example, how I was drunk in my vomit (it was an example). In this case, I have the professional opinion that if he accepts it, it will only destroy him. Ktohovie, how many videos about me are on the Internet and I do not even have to know about it. I'm trying to find what I find (laughs). Being worried about publishing any video is unnecessary for one single reason. Rather, the one who shot the video shot and the second thing, people have their own judgment. To abuse someone's hurt or an unusual situation, that's also Slovak, and that's why it ends on youtube. On the other hand, this is understandable, because otherwise one should not laugh at it. Example: You will not reverse the intelligence that goes well. You record someone who misses a mirror, for example, or she has come at that moment. Or you can shoot someone who has a car accident. First, you will take the evidential situation, secondly, you are filming him. You can publish all the videos on youtube All I would not recommend publishing. This is because the person concerned may have a different opinion and could use legal action. I personally would not take this thing tragically. On the one hand, it is a misuse of a tough or unusual situation, but with the other side, what would we have fun with?


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