I have no credit: What can save me?

Publikované 17.08.2017 v 15:56 v kategórii English language, prečítané: 48x

If there is a situation that there are no funds for credit accrual, the two ways can be used. The first is skipe, the second Messenger. It is advisable to have some credit on the skipe. In case you can not recharge your mobile credit. Once again, this situation has gone wrong and I skipped the skipper. He replaced my cell phone. I did not find the veterinarian on Messenger, but I can also call mobile numbers on the skipper. A third alternative would be to call a friend's mobile. But I have such a fate that I do not have friends. Not because I was a bad man, but I'm blind. And they have so little friends. If at all they have any.


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