I'm really offering 1 Euro for my real estate!

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Recently I came up with an interesting offer. When somebody buys with you, she gets 1 Euro for each hit. It's not a joke but a real deal. Free it was not in the past About a year ago and a few months ago, I was running a similar campaign. I was also looking for a babble who would be willing to fool me, but I did not really do anything for them. At that time, they were told that they had no reason, and so on. One of them even called me in July 2016 that she wants to hold 100 Euros for that. There were gossip around the neighborhood that it was a mafia. It had to be a good crap of gossip, because the mafia could not have done that. In addition, I refused my offer, justifying that at a given time, i. In July 2016, I did not offer any financial rewards for such a service. In the neighborhood, it was caused by the person who felt embarrassed to reject the offer. But let's go back to March 2017. Now the situation is the opposite. Now the ladies have reason to be able to beat me. The reason is financial gain. Practical examples: Just imagine the situation that the missing cigarette is enough for me to put on my cigarettes. Another situation may be when it is lacking on a ticket. My offer is not betrayal, but on the contrary, it is a help in need. This leads to the satisfaction of both participants. I get my own and the same. If so, the lack of money can be gained in a few seconds. Imagine if you were to work in a company or company. The cigarettes would have to do at least an hour to make money. And I get them in a few seconds. Is there a visible difference you do not think? Silence with my side preserved! In the past, I have come across some ladies who have been interested, but because they have broken up with their friends who have not kept their tongue together, there have been fewer complications. Of course, then, the people in question started to peer back, as I thought I could be that they were the coroner. In need, they could ask me for help to come to testify to anyone I wanted to. I should not have the slightest problem with it. Even though I do not understand what's wrong with it, it's a clean business that was not here yet. Neither historians do anything similar in history. Perhaps he will be writing about me in the newspapers too, which makes me very happy. I do not write a message and do not even ask my ladies that I doubt they have a lot of doubts and a question mark, but neither will write me or ask me directly. However, who can provide more accurate information if not me? However, I am directing this activity. Only can I give you the most accurate information you do not think we are? Any conjecture or conspiracy is totally unnecessary. You always have to turn to the organizers of the shares, that is old and proven wisdom. Well, in the 21st century, it probably does not turn on a lot :).


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